Using heartbreak as a positive….

This speaks VOLUMES to many of us who have suffered some form of Heartbreak.

Melissa L. Delgado

Since the release of my debut novel, often times I get asked if I have any personal connection to my story.

The answer is yes and no. I poured a lot of myself into my story. A lot of what has happened to me during this thing called life. I wrote what I knew about. I wrote to have a moral to a story. To have an ending that can make happen. I ultimately wanted to inspire others. It’s been a long and trying journey (but whose hasn’t been, right?) and I’m happy to say, I’ve made the most of the hand I’ve been dealt. I am blessed to have everything I do in my life now. I have no doubt the unconditional love I’ve received from those closest to me, is the exact reason why I’m able to speak so freely and openly.

But…back to the topic…

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